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Outstanding services

Personnel Selection

Looking for talent for your company?

At GABINET SALLENT we help you find the professionals you need

Logistics, courier and delivery sectors

Specialized and comprehensive advisory service for the self-employed

We are leaders in management, recruitment and loyalty of SELF-EMPLOYED for companies in the logistics, courier and delivery sector

Insurance Companies

Multi-risk for SMEs

Flexible coverages that adapt to your needs


Autonomous Insurance

We advise you, you pay the fee!

Do you feel unprotected in case of MEDICAL LEAVE or ACCIDENT? …YOUR INSURED INCOME when you need it most

All services

Taxation and Estate Planning

We are there for you in the day-to-day of your tax obligations. We help you plan your future because we believe that good advice means optimizing your time and money.

Strategy and Growth

Defining a long-term plan is not always compatible with day-to-day management. That is why we have designed a Strategic Advice service and Business Growth plan that help you define where you want to go and the tools to get you there.

Auditing and Accounting

We take care of organizing and adapting the accounting of your company to the activity that you carry out. We offer advice that suits your needs, either from our offices or traveling to your company. We’ll be there for you!

Marketing and Sales

Customer expectations are changing quickly in almost every industry. Traditional strategies that once guaranteed success are no longer enough. Today, companies must integrate human and digital channels and capabilities to strengthen customer relationships and meet customer expectations.


Our commitment to small business stability means that we offer a complete legal service, focused on the areas of taxes, labor, corporate and commercial law. We know that our clients need a close, fast and adaptable legal service.

Human Resources

In addition to taking care of your workers, we help you find the talent your company needs. We offer a competitive and personalized recruitment service.

Generational Change and Restructuring

Restructuring, anticipating change, organizing and formalizing generational transfers in the changing realities of the family business are some of the necessary steps to move towards a future of success and tranquility. It's good beginning to start thinking about it.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are part of business success. When organic growth is limited, acquisitions drive value creation . At a time of change like ours, M&As may be the way that guarantees the future of your business.

Digital Transformation

Innovating is a way of adapting. Digital transformation allows you to incorporate new technologies into your company to create more efficient dynamics. However, it is often necessary to understand that digital transformation is also a cultural change: that is why we take care of analyzing your activity, detecting opportunities and deploying plans with objective results.


We take care of managing the vehicles of your company or your personal vehicle. We are experts in advising drivers and we take care of all the procedures related to mobility.


Your insurance needs are as unique as you are. Whether you are a private individual or a company, however you are and whatever the type of your company, we help you protect the people you care about and your properties.

Where we are

Av. Generalitat, 93 · 08210 Barberà del Vallès · 93 729 77 00